November 12, 2009

Time to CHOOse!

As most of you already know, the exclusive label - known for their coveted women's shoes -Jimmy Choo has designed a collection for H&M, which hits the stores this Saturday(14 november)!
So of course you'll go out camping in front of an H&M near you to accompany your girlfriend, sister, best friend etc. who all have been sleepless for a week now and are totally spaced out on coffee and energy drinks so they can be the first to get those killer heels, even if they have to 'dispose of' any other suitors. But no need for such selflessness. The few pieces in the collection for men are just as cool, so why not pick up a few things for yourself? There might be a few truly fashion-dedicated fellows out there who will stomp on you to get that jacket or duffle bag first, but generally the men's side is less frantic than the women's.
So get set and go because there is absolutely no time to waste!
There are a few shopping rules and limitations to take into account, which you can find here .
Happy camping!

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Charleston said...

It's not the usual style I'd go for, but as far as formal things go, this collection is set to be a swarv sensation! Another great post! Charleston