January 13, 2011

Take It To The Limit

I've been a huge 3.1Phillip Lim fan ever since I saw Emma Roberts in one of his dresses in Teen Vogue some years ago. I couldn't figure out the 3.1 in front of the name and I was intrigued. Now I know it's because Phillip and his partner Wen Zhou were 31 when they started the label. He's only been designing for a couple of years now but what he has accomplished in such short time is stellar. I've yet to own a real Lim, but I'm pretty sure it won't be long till I do. Feast your eyes on his spring 2011 footwear collection.

images: the shoe buff


STEFANIE said...

sooo pretty! I'd want a pair of these too if I were a boy ;)
(OH en that's what the 3.1 stands for!? never figured that out either haha)

Mike.in.the.box said...

Waar kan je deze geweldige schoenen gaan kopen???

Immi said...

@stefanie haha, ja ik snapte het ook lang niet hoor :p
@mike Phillip Lim heeft bar weinig verkooppunten in Belgiƫ, ik ga eens kijken of Princess Blue of Renaissance ze stockeert.

Fashionata said...

Die zijn echt super mooi! Wat is de prijs? ( of wil ik dat niet weten:) ) ?

Charleston said...

oh my gosh these are seriously awesome


Glamour Bbey. said...

WOw Immi die zijn geweldig!