February 13, 2011

What The L-M-N-O-P?

A watery sun greets you as you slowly draw the curtains. You couldn't tell if it was tropical or freezing outside for all the money in the world.
This ambiguous February weather really brings the "Oh em capital Gee, what the l-m-n-o-p am I supposed to wear?"
Fear not, my meteorologically downtrodden reader, the key to interseasonal survival is layering! Layer that sh*t up and you'll have no cause for fretting in the morning. Need a visual?

 leather jacket: Burberry Prorsum
blazer: Thom Browne
tee: Acne
Jeans: Marc Jacobs
sunglasses: Waiting For The Sun
scarf: H&M
bag: Zara
shoes: Lanvin

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