February 21, 2012


I am frothing at the mouth with excitement, you guys. As you probably have heard: H&M have collaborated with the über stylish Italian brand Marni, and that collection is dropping in select H&M stores on March 8th. The collection is stunning, just stunning. But what you didn't know is: I get to give away one entire outfit!
That's right my pets! 
Read on after the jump to find out what striking outfit you can win, and what you have to do in order to become Marnificent!
First and foremost, this entire outfit could be yours:
You're dying right now, aren't you? You've literally just tipped over and croaked, right?
The outfit consists of four pieces:
1) a beautiful contrast collar blue shirt
2) a colour block tie
3) a sumptuous pair of dark jasmine shorts
4) a striking two-tone tote.
Okay, it's time for someone to defibrillate you so you can enter the competish!

I. Like the Style For Guys fanpage and/or follow me on Twitter (yay for self-promotion!)
II. Send me an e-mail (styleforguys@live.com) with the correct answer to these 3 questions:
   -Who is currently head designer for Marni?
   -In what year was H&M established?
   -In the very first blog post on Style For Guys, who is the guy on the photograph?
III. Finally, I want you to tell me why you want this outfit, and for what ideal occasion you would wear it. There are no limits: you can make a drawing, you can write a haiku, you can use photoshop... Please be creative! "I want it because it is pretty and I would wear it to chill with my friendz" will not win you an outfit, my friend. I want to feel your passion for clothing, and especially this outfit!

I. You must live in Belgium to enter.
II. You need to answer all the questions correctly and supply an original motivation.
III. The shirt is size M, and the shorts are size 48 (this is a dress pants size, not a jeans size).
IV. The last day to enter is March 1st. Any entries after that date will be disqualified.

So off you go and may the best man win. Good luck!

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