January 13, 2013


I just looked around and only saw coursebooks, markers and the reflection of my tear-stained face in the window. Guess what? I'm not in Milan for Fashion Week! I've never been and maybe I never will get invited to any shows. But what if I were there right now?
*Dream waves and wind chimes*
"OMFGZ u guise, I'm about to board the plane to Milan 4 Fashun Week", Immi tweeted as he adjusted the velcro straps on his Raf Simons ruched floral trainers.

"This is going to be bloody brilliant", the young blogger grinned as he sat down in his seat and pulled the show invites out of his Phillip Lim 31 hour bag.

"I can't believe I got invites to all the shows! That is so realistic and close to the truth!"
The young man pulled out a Smythson notebook and started jotting down outfit ideas for every occasion at Fashion Week, as he listened to a spot of PEACE.
"Taxi! Take me to the Principe di Savoia hotel, per favore!"
After unpacking and unwrapping the presents various designers sent to his room, Immi exited the hotel for his first show of the day: Jil Sander at Via Beltrami.
"I hope she doesn't mind I'm wearing Raf shoes", he frowned as he put on his Sunday Somewhere shades to shield his eyes from the street style photographers' flashes.

"Click click flash flash Immi look to the left darling!", was all he could hear as he jumped into the black SUV that would drive him around for fashion week.
In the car he ironed some small creases out of his Jil Sander SS13 trousers and shirt.

As the car pulled up in front of the venue, his phone rang. "Jil? Yes sweetie, Ich bin hier, sweetie! Yes, I'm offning the door as we speak, darling! Yes I see an open concrete Raum! Good luck, Liebling!" He sat down next to the amazing Ms. Katie Grand from LOVE, and after a quick chat the lights dimmed. He unbuttoned his leather panelled JUUN J coat and smiled with anticipation.

After the lovely show, Immi went backstage to have a quick chat with his good friend Adrien Sahores. "Immi, mon p'tit chou, we need to 'ave ze lunch asap ok?"

Finally Jil appeared and embraced Immi as he cried "Schatz, what a show! I want everything! Everyone loved it: Harper's, Tatler, English Vogue, American Vogue, French Vogue, bloody Aby-bloody-ssinian bloody Vogue, darling. Jeff Banks and Selina Scott couldn't even get a ticket, darling!" 
Jil smiled wisely as she replied "Glad you liked it, Sch├Ątzchen, I'll have all the looks sent to you when they're ready for Produktion." 
Immi smiled gratefully and with a final "Auf Wiedersehen" he left the venue and signalled for the car to come over. On to the next show!

Jil Sander show photos: Raf Crymons

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