November 27, 2013


"OMG, that's so me", chirped the millenial. Could be the first sentence of the Book of Our Generation, right? It's true that we love seeing our idiosyncrasies echoed by others online. But why does it make us feel better to read that someone else in the world also likes scratching off the 'gold' from the edges of a Nutella jar? If we pick up some heinous detail happening on our favourite TV show, do we not scour the Twitter search feed to find out if someone else has noticed? Or is that just so me? Recently I've found that the hours of navel-gazing I've been racking up lately have become quite a pain in the neck. (It's almost as if constantly worrying about where you're headed in life and who you really are, isn't worth it at all)! I remember feeling reinvigorated and good about myself after I did that outfitpost on a snowy rooftop. So, almost a year later, I teamed up with my dearest photographer "Da Qwen" once again. I styled an outfit with a bit of Yeezy , a touch of JPP and took it all the way back to the homestead.

MA-1 bomber (Alpha Industries) & t-shirt (Fly53) courtesy of BANK Fashion
Jumper & knit hat (Marshall Artist) courtesy of Scotts
Trainers (Nike) courtesy of JD Sports
Jeans: Levi's
Backpack: Raf Simons for Eastpak
Rings: H&M
Soundtrack: Volcano Choir
Photography: "Da Qwen" aka Janne Degryse

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