March 04, 2014


Meet Chariffe Greaves. On social media he goes by the name of Reefy and he first struck me with THAT FACE in late 2013, when I reblogged a picture of his on Tumblr. It didn't say his name, so when I haphazardly came across it this week I made sure to take stock. He hails from London with a twist of Barbadian/Guyanese blood. As a semi-Caribbean myself I couldn't not give this kid a proper plug, right? He's already done great work at London Fashion Week for labels such as Astrid Andersen (where he killed everyone's weave game), Christopher Raeburn and Kit Neale. He's only turning 20 this week, but I predict big things for this one. #REEFYBABY

Credits (top to bottom): Amber Grace Dixon, Chariffe's portfolio, source unknown. and Supa Model Mgmt's Instagram
Chariffe is currently represented by Supa Model Management.

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