July 30, 2009

Pre-Fall Pre-Special

Not only am I a genius in coming up with subject titles but I’m also making things easier for my trusty readers. Many fashion sites and magazines are already reporting on the trends, shapes and colours for next year and seasons us normal people aren’t even thinking about, that’s just the way the business works and it makes it easier for fashion-lovers to prepare themselves for seasons to come. But thinking far ahead makes some of our heads hurt so I always report on styles and clothing that are of the current season, to keep it simple. I know that autumn is still a long while ahead of us, but here in Belgium it can get pretty cold sometimes already.

Cue Style for Guys’ Pre-Fall Pre-Special. Which means that it’s not autumn yet and that it’s not my soon-to-come Fall Special yet! This Pre-Special contains some new looks for when the sun just can't muster the will to shine or if you live in Australia or wherever and it’s winter already. Seen that I’m a smidge OCD, I put them in nice little categories for you to browse through. Enjoy!

1. Cool yet cheap
There are a few places you can find inexpensive clothes that aren't totally boring (H&M, Zara et al) but one brand in particular sticks out for me. The Japanese brand UNIQLO, they've been designing clothes since '49 but only recently have they taken the world by storm. Their clothes are wicked, don't cost much and are of good quality. Somewhat like American Apparel, you can choose from a wide range of colours. Go check out their online store for more.
Rain-proof parka (39.5$) and skinny jeans (coincidentally, also 39.5$), both UNIQLO.
UPDATE: UNIQLO just announced in the September 2009 issue of British Vogue that there will be a special cooperation line with Jil Sander called J+, with 40 pieces for men, starting at 25$!

And what about this suède belt by GAP (34.5$), perfect for finishing off your rugged plaid ensemble.

2. Cool yet a bit pricey
I have already professed my love for ACNE- the brand, not the skin condition- and this love doesn't wither over the seasons. Check out these looks and especially the double denim look (as discussed in my previous look) with this 100$ cerulean blue denim shirt and the incredible navy suède bomber jacket (580$).

Or get feral with these leopard-skin Marc by Marc Jacobs high-tops (p.n.d.) paired with grey MBMJ jeans (170£)?

3. Preppy
Get your prep on come fall with these polished looks from Polo Ralph Lauren (purple cashmere sweater -98$), Ralph Lauren Rugby (striped blazer - 298$) and Lacoste (black and white merino cardigan - 195$).

4. High Fashion
And conclusively/exclusively, the pieces some of us dream of and some of us can actually afford. These are my favourite pre-season looks, starting off with an American label that I worship: 3.1 Phillip Lim. Neo-romantic shapes meet urban trends and marvelous textures.

After all these years, Giorgio Armani still stands for quality and amazing Italian tailoring. What about this fantastic velvet-lined peacoat by Armani Collezione (2,495$) or quilted grey jacket (1,095$)?

And, in conclusion, tell granny to get her knitting needles out because the geeky Nordic knit (Fair Isle) sweater is back in business. Pair with skinny jeans, and maybe some oversized nerd glasses to fully take it to the next level. I love this one by Alexander McQueen (595£), with his trademark skulls subtly incorporated in the design (can you spot them?).

(images: www.acnestudios.com, www.31philliplim.com, www.marcjacobs.com, www.uniqlo.com, www.gap.com, www.polo.com, www.rugby.com, www.bergdorfgoodman.com, www.lacoste.com, www.matchesfashion.com)


The Calvin Show said...

Love this post! I'm still having trouble embracing the "ugly sweater" [ie: the Nordic knit] though.

Charleston said...

thanks for the comment chap. i like your array of different styles for swarv gentlemen. seeing as i dart between eclectic and sharp chic outfits, your threads make for a good read. keep up the blogging. charleston


Miiicha said...

some cool stuff ! ||

Love Miiicha