July 29, 2009

A thousand apologies

So it's official, I'm the world's worst blogger. I'm so sorry that I've not been updating at all lately, and I promise to make it up to whoever is still reading this anymore. I never thought that I'd ever reach 694 visits and 1508 page views in the site's almost 4 months existence! To me, that's fantastic and thank you for that.

As some of you already may have heard: it's not a fashion crime anymore to wear double denim, however there's a lot to be said for that new wave. If you're bold enough to pair jeans with a denim jacket, make sure the fabrics are different enough in bleaching or texture as not to look like you're some sort of Doctor Denim who's on a mission to dress the world in jeans.

Today I want to share two looks by Dutch denim label G-Star Raw. You probably know them for their artfully distressed jeans trousers, but the things they make out of denim are quite amazing. I'm talking trench coats to Vespa helmets, and at first sight you might not even see that the fabric in question is denim.
The looks below show a jacket and blazer made entirely out of denim and it doesn't even look like it at all. It's the ultimate urban look for jeans aficionados around the world.
(images: www.g-star.com)


Anonymous said...

Yes! welcome back!

The Calvin Show said...

I've just recently started reading your blog but from I've seen...it's great! PS: how can you tell how many page views you have? I know you can see how many profile views...

Charleston said...

a very sharp suit. looks seasonal too i think...! hope your well stylish sir. charleston