October 31, 2010

Audaciously Autumnal: A Short Story

There wasn't really much to be said.
Little clouds of cold escaped from the corners of our mouths as we smiled in silence. Streams of amber light danced on your face as the cool breeze tangled up your hair. I couldn't remember you ever looking this way. Intense.
"You like pancakes?"
You'd spoken first.
"Who doesn't?", I answered sheepishly.
You shrugged your shoulders and grinned.
You stepped forward, your butterscotch boots touching the tips of my tattered sneakers.
"You like me?"
I turned around.
"Maybe. I don't know.", I mumbled.
"Maybe? You don't know?", you taunted.
I turned back around.
Minutes that felt like aeons passed as I looked at you.
"Wipe that smirk off your face!", I screeched, recoiling visibly at the sound of my voice.  
You tried to look serious but soon enough your lips started trembling with laughter waiting to burst out.
So I kissed them shut. 


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