November 02, 2010

Wanna See My Sixpack?

All you dirty mothers who clicked this link to see my gloriously rippling abs (mega cough!) shall be disappointed! For once, it's not all about me, but about this brand I really like: Sixpack France
There are several reasons why I like this particular brand:

Reason #1: It's got 'France' in the brand name and is kinda Frenchy.

Reason #2: They know the importance of having an ironic print on a tee that no one really understands but everyone agrees is kinda cool.
Reason #3: My friend Otto has this t-shirt, so yeah!
Reason #4: CUBISM!

Reason #5: This varsity jacket with leather sleeves!
You cannot deny my skills of reasoning!


Glamour Bbey. said...

Leuke items!

Anonymous said...

I love that jumper with the blue, white and black Constructivist knit. Reminds me of Tilda's finale dress in "I am Love"

Charleston said...

oh so funky x


love this collection! great writing!
i just bumped into your blog and i love it!

ciao ciao from rome

Fatty Louis said...

oooh boy!
I loooove the first two items!
*on the hunt*