November 23, 2010

The Ice Princes

"How to look chic on ice."
One would believe the above statement to not be possible, right? I mean, if you're not wobbling like cellulite on those skates, you're probably duffeled in in some heinous puffer jacket.
Fear no more to tread the rink, because  Japanese POPEYE Magazine has the answers!
Slippery style, it exists:


Anonymous said...

Je t'ai vu devant le H&M aujourd'hui vers 16h avec ton vééélo, tout mignon. J'allais venir te parler mais j'savais pas trop quoi dire :)


Immi said...

Ooh! Hihi, La prochaine fois, viens dire bonjour! Mon Français est horrible mais bon :-)

Anonymous said...

D'accord pas, d'soucis =D
Biisous !


Krizia said...

Oeeh, I'm loving the big chunky scarf on the first picture! :o

And I missssss yaaaaaa! :(

x Krizia