December 04, 2010

Tales of a Post-Modern Winter. Part ONE

Due to the lovely commentary the summer tales got, I've decided to resume this fashion saga for a winter instalment! Y'all ready to take a trip through nature?

Act I
"Frozen Forest"
The cold air prickles your nose as you inhale. No one around. Numbed and fascinated by the silver branches, you plow through the icy grass. No one around. You slip and trip and laugh at yourself out loud. Shamefaced, you stop and spy through the trees. Luckily, there's no one around. 

Hooded jacket: GRP
Padded vest: Moncler
Denim shirt: Acne
Jersey slim trousers: Balmain
Leather boots: Grenson
Wool beanie: Fred Perry
Plaid gloves: Zara
Cable-knit scarf: S.N.S. Herning


Hanne said...

Mooi! :) En leuke sjaal

Glamour Bbey. said...

Hele leuke items! I LIKE

Today is the last chance to ask me something on my Q&A, please make an efford to ask me something :$! Thanks!

Immi said...

Thanks, darlings!

STEFANIE said...

Can't wait for the next ones :)! Stay warm! X

Sophie/Alerte à Liège said...

I do love the slim trousers! Really nice! Could be great in Lapland! ;) Besito!