December 28, 2010

Le Drool

I just feasted my eyes on the Burberry Pre-Fall 2011 collection. I normally refrain from posting collection images too much in advance (fashion runs ahead enough for the non-obsessed readers), but this is too good not to share. I might as well rename this blog as "Shrine of Burberry", as this is true love.
Can't wait for the Milan menswear show in January (one day, I'll be at the show for real instead of watching the livestream all dressed up)!
Bon app├ętit!

source: 00o00


Pierre Elitaire said...

This collection is so beautiful.
I really want to have the blue suit and all of the pants.
Actually I want to have the whole collection.
I hate the snow right now, but I'm looking forward to autumn 2011.

Immi said...

I know, fashion tearz! The pants look like they would fit my giraffe legs, which is rare!
Let's go to Milan together, Pierre!

Anonymous said...

Burberry Prorsum never disappoints!

Cara said...

Le drool...over the models <3 hah.