December 27, 2010

Tales of a Post-Modern Winter. Part TWO.

After weeks of flirting and beating around the bush, you've finally landed yourself the perfect first winter date. But what are you going to wear? 

Pick you up at eight?
"Shit", you mutter under your breath as you watch the clock and change outfits for the umpteenth time. You haven't been this nervous since the principal came into class demanding to know who killed Cookie the parrot mascot, and that was in the late 90s. Heavy sighs are followed by raspberries blown. Dating is hard. Life sucks. But you couldn't be more excited.

 Shearling-lined jacket: Marc Jacobs
Denim shirt: ACNE
Wool sweater: Thom Browne
Jeans: Nudie Jeans
Scarf: H&M
Sneakers: Givenchy


Fatty Louis said...

all the choices are so right!
and i want that jacket sooooooo badly!

Immi said...

Me too, it's "shear" perfection ;-)