October 01, 2011

Keep calm and stroke the furry jumper.

In true Western European fashion, I am none too pleased about anything! After a two-month lightning storm we called 'summer', I escaped to the Spanish coast to stock my deprived body up on Vitamin D. Upon my return, I strangely looked forward to some cold rain and general dismalness so the point of my holiday would be crystal clear. Oh, quelle mistake: the sun has never shone brighter and this autumn I'll probably be wearing hotpants and a crop top to go leaf-raking. 
Clearly I am losing it again (oh, the hardships of the First World), so I find looking at the fuzziest, mohairiest sweaters to be deeply soothing and therapeutic. I guarantee you total strangers will come feel you up in un, deux, trois with one of these puppies on. They're not just jumpers, they're humpers!

Brushed camel and grey mohair jumper: Burberry
Angora bi color jumper: Gucci
Striped mohair jumper: Marc By Marc Jacobs

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