September 30, 2011


The fact that you're reading this means you're either avoiding reading something vastly more important, or you're genuinely interested in the shish kebab I write. In case of the former: I feel you, gurl, procrastinating is a fine art. In case of the latter: ehm, hi LOL I luv ur shoez?
Back to the point we must get! In modern society, one gets highly scrutinised daily. It's all about having style and substance, in this sort of personal and perfectly balanced cocktail. Not one that's just like a fancy soda with soggy fruit on the rim, but not one that leaves you with plumes of alcovapour coming out of your nose either. I really like caipiroska's nowadays.
So, form has to equal function, and just being cute doesn't cut it anymore. Lo, here are my FIVE SUPERGLAM TIPS for attaining that elusive air of debonair accomplishment every young gentleman should strive towards.
You'd be suprised how much knowledge you can gather by constantly observing and memorising info. Read up on your biggest passion and be prepared for every question. Know who's who and find out why they (should) matter to you. Find correlations between people and past events. You can never be overeducated. Become an authority on your niche, and others will find there's no way around you.
Sean has his eyes wide open, I'm sure he'd read on after the jump!
This should not be confused with 'skulk in corners at every social occasion and peer through holes in newspapers'. One can be discreet while still being the life of the party in a bright-ass cardigan. Just know when to keep matters to yourself, being deemed trustworthy is priceless. 
Jonathan Saunders cardi

It's a very simple concept, yet not everyone seems to grasp this: smiling makes you seem appealing. If you want to be a grumpy miser and get away with it, you'd better have the face of James Franco's unborn manchild. If not, and most of us don't: you're going to need to flash those enamels.

Two little words can avoid a whole clusterfuque of issues. Say 'thank you' every once in a while. I don't want to get all flour-stained kitten-appliqué apron-wearer on you but most times a little gratitude gets you far. No one fancies being around a domineering ingrate: a little wink and a heartfelt 'merci' and you'll be going places!

It's of the utmost importance to keep your life goals simmering in the back of your head every day. You might get carried away from your path occasionally, but as long as you get back on track eventually, you'll be fine. Ambition is a powerful thing, it can suppress and control your life in many ways that are highly blinding. Relativise and just keep on working steadily towards what you want in a healthy fashion.
So, these were my five tips towards becoming a more put-together young lad (or lass, really). Don't think that I'm Mister Cookie Cutter Super-Adult here, but every time I mess up it feels good to recap what I want from life and this little list helps. So go forth, enjoy life and be your own Greatest Hits album!

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