September 12, 2011

This One Man Show I'm In

Waking up is an inescapable horizontal curtain call. It doesn't matter if you're ready for your cue, or if you've got any lines prepared. The simple act of opening your eyes is enough. You might encounter other characters or end up whispering your soliloquy curled up on a sofa at the end of the day. There's no practice nor can you miss out on a single performance of 'My Life: The Cruelly Amusing Daily One Man Show'.
Similarly, I've come to treat my head and its attached bodily frame like a businessman would treat his enterprise: Immi Inc.! I plough through an everyday maelstrom of quandaries. I'm my own sole proprietor, and I need to keep myself afloat. What I'm trying to convey is this: if the product's not up to par and the inspiration is amiss, all production grinds to a bone-dry halt. 
Differently put:
OMGosh u guyz, soz I hasn't been posting regurlarly but I wuzn't feeling it and didn't wanna post shit. LOL here's a pic of a cute guy & cute outfit: if you squint a bit and pour vinegars in your eye he kinda looks like me but prettier!!
I'm back, bitchez.

Image: ASOS

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