September 26, 2011

Win Some Pumped Up Kicks!

I don't know about you guys, but I like to win stuff. I've never been particularly lucky in the field of winning, except if you count that one copy of 'Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers' back in '05. I have a hunch though, that you will be more fortunate! I'm giving away a pair of unisex Feiyue A.S. High Sneakers, in the colour of your choice!
How to accomplish such a lovely feat? Take a good look at the short film below:

Now it's time to rack your brain. Answer the multiple choice question correctly!
How will the story end?
1. The werewolf will try to steal the cheerleader’s Feiyue sneakers and she will have to fight him back to recover them.
2. The pretty cheerleader and the unusually cool werewolf will start a dance battle. The werewolf will finally win given his fancy moonwalk move.
3. Both the werewolf and the cheerleader will meet at a costume party celebrated in the forest and spend the rest of the night dancing together.
4. A full moon will appear on the starry sky and the cheerleader will also turn into a werewolf. She will then disappear into the forest along with the original werewolf.
5. The werewolf starts chasing the cheerleader around the forest. When he finally gets her, she realizes he is wearing her favourite pair of Feiyue and falls for him.

Alright! Now all you have to do is answer the selection question:
The Feiyue sneakers recently made an appearance in a cool band's video. Which band am I referring to? 
All you have to do now is like the Feiyue Belgium page and mail your answer to!
The competition ends on October 10th, so be sure to enter on time!

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