December 11, 2011

Joyeux Noël Mr. Ford

With twinkly eyes and limitless glee I beheld this beautiful little black bag sitting in my room. Everything Tom Ford touches just squeals with old Hollywood glamour and velvet-rope chic. If you want to find out what's inside, you better click 'read more'!
Yes, apparently I'm one of those bloggers that teases you with what's inside a bag, when they just as well could show you immediately. But this is way more fun! Teehee!

I love the bottle design, it's very "come hither into my boudoir and stroke my paisley robe lapel". The fragrance itself is very woody and strong, just a single spritz lasts you a long time. Even in the morning that sweetened smell of vetiver lingers on you, and I love that. This is top notch quality stuff, and it really shows. Ehm, smells. Can you say 'Christmas present'?
 And of course, this is Tom Ford we're talking about, so there must be some gratuitous tit!
Phot. by me. Please don't use these images without asking.

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