June 08, 2009

I'm back betchez :-)

Hello everyone! I'm terribly sorry I haven't really been up to date lately but when university beckons, blogging succumbs. But only for a while! After sitting behind my desk in 'comfortable pants' (shock and horror) for a few weeks now, it's time to let the style back into my life.
I'd also like to mention that the wonderful Allison from the fantastic www.wheneverwearever.com has awarded me with a Blog Award, which I am very grateful for! Definitely go check out her site, you guys.
I've been fumbling with the blog lay-out a bit too, if you have any stylistic ideas don't be afraid to share them with me!
Here comes my tip of the day: stop by at H&M and get yourself a Designer's Against Aids T-shirt, designed by celebrities such as Katy Perry, Robyn, N.E.R.D., Ditta Von Teese, Katharine Hamnett et al. You'll feel better by supporting this good cause, and look good too. My favourite pick is the one by electro pop duo Dangerous Muse, it has a heart made out of condoms on it. That'll give grandma a nice surprise on your next visit.

Protect yourselves, y'all!

(images: www.hm.com )

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