June 19, 2009

Simply Iconic

Who are your style icons?
I've seen this question asked in a myriad of fashion interviews, but I've never really thought about it myself. Whose style do I try to emulate when I go shopping? I'd like to kid myself and say I have a totally individual style that no one has any influence on, but regretfully I don't.
I contemplated this question for a little while and I figured out which men I admire stylewise or as a person and who I aspire to look or be like. I wish I could smoothly say my father or grandfather gave me uplifting style advice that I'll take with me to the grave, but I didn't really know my grandfather and my Dad's not really interested in clothing.
So I guess I'll turn to the following celebrities:

Zac Efron
He's got a very good sense of style, not only in casual apparel but just as good at formal events (i.e. Hollywood premieres). His wardrobe consists mostly of basic pieces (distressed jeans, sneakers, plaid shirt, aviators) but he knows very well what works for him, and never looks out of style.

Ed Westwick/Chuck Bass
Chuck Bass is the best-dressed young male character on TV right now, period.
His excentric style of preppy basics combined with cheeky sartorial risks add even more panache to an already extremely colourful character. There's a Chuck Bass in all of us, and I'm ever so eager to let him out.
Outside of Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick proves to be a very stylish man too.

Here he is together with my favourite designer, Christopher Bailey (Burberry).

Daniel Craig
A former number one on "GQ's List Of Best-Dressed Men In Britain", Daniel Craig is the epitome of English style: bespoke suits paired with a rougher edge. He's a gentleman with a kick and not afraid to get down and dirty in an extremely expensive outfit. The man plays James Bond, need I say more?
Man, if I had one wish, I'd want to be James Bond.

Kanye West
He's the harbinger of a new generation of rappers. With Kanye, it's not about huge diamond chains or grills and low-rise jeans. He has an impressive mind and style of his own, mixing urban with high fashion and creating a new kind of hiphop I truly enjoy listening too. He may have opinions and convictions I don't agree with, but at least he vocalises them wearing the slickest outfits. And don't tell me you didn't rush to find those Shuttershades he wore in his video for Harder Better Faster Stronger last year, because I know you did.
He's a trendsetter, that Mr. West.

Roger Federer
Not only is he undisputably the world's best male tennisplayer ever, he is also the best-dressed one. I truly admire this man for his professionalism, poise and amazing drive. He's always pushing boundaries, and takes such good care of himself. He amazed the world with his all-white Wimbledon get-ups in 2008, and I can't wait to see what he's got in store for us next week.

John Hamm
If you haven't seen the cult TV-series Mad Men, you have not lived. Mad Men is a show with low ratings but raving reviews, set in the early 1960s. They drink, smoke and flirt at work, and do so in incredible style. My favourite character is that of Don Draper played by actor John Hamm. He's a good man, flawed but honest and wears the best suits. If you're a lover of all things retro, you must check out this show.

George Peppard
And last but not least, the late George Peppard. Known best for his role as Paul Varjak in Breakfast At Tiffany's, the most stylish film ever and not only because of Audrey Hepburn, or as Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith, of The A-Team. Obviously his clothes in Breakfast At Tiffany's are the most inspirational to me, and especially his skinny ties and snazzy suits. This film might be 48 years old, but the things he wears are not a day out of style.

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Guus said...

It's true, given his age and where he comes from Zac dresses really well. I love that you included 'Hannibal' as well :).

Btw, Pierce Brosnan is another good looking and dressing Bond. I do miss him from time to time. Major childhood memories!