June 16, 2009

Superior Interior

What good is having tons of beautiful clothes if you hang them up in a dreary old closet?
What good is looking your best when your apartment walls crumble in the background?
What good is wearing Gucci shoes when your walking them about on a peeling linoleum floor?
You've probably caught my drift by now, so the point has become clear that a stylish interior is just as essential as a good wardrobe. There are more trends, styles and movements in interior design than I wish to know of, but it's crucial that you live in a place where you feel comfortable and at home. Some of you might fancy a crisp, clean and modern high-tech loft while others prefer a more lived-in, antique and vintage-styled brownstone. Whatever your preference may be, your living space should reflect who you are and should have a certain amount of class and good taste.
My favourite online source for interior inspiration is www.theselby.com, owned by Todd Selby who goes inside the world's most creative people's houses and photographs their interior decoration and special belongings.
Here are some pics of my favourite interiors, ranging from sterile chic to cluttered yet coherent.

House of Frédéric Beigbeder (Paris)

Appartment of James Penfold and Paola Kudacki (Brooklyn, NY)

Dressing room of Nicolas Malleville (Mexico)

Bathroom of Sébastien Gaudard (Paris)

Living room of Julia Restoin Roitfeld (Manhattan, NY)

House of Lucy Chadwick and Duffy (London)

House of Stefano Tonchi (Manhattan, NY)

(images: www.theselby.com)
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Guus said...

Very inspiring interiors, especially that of Stefano Tonchi.. And you're right, nice clothes don't 'smile' against a neglected room. Sometimes it can give a cool contrast though. Keep up the good work with your blog! :)

Ghostboy said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like it :-)
You're right, if the neglect is fully intentional a cool effect may be reached, if not when then you just need to start cleaning I guess :-)