August 18, 2009

H(ip) & M(asculine)

As mental as this may seem, I actually can't wait for autumn to come! Sure, summer's nice with the sun and fun and what not but it's no use if you're stuck inside studying like most of my friends and I. So I say: bring out September and the months to follow and let's wrap Summer '09 up, okay?
Not only do I await fall's dawn for not having to be cooped up in here anymore, but for a collection I always highly anticipate: H&M's autumn collection.
Coarse cable-knit sweaters, rusty colours and the eternal dividend: 'Flo-Rida low' prices.
I've already put the following items on my inexhaustible wish-list:

This left-over (because not very succesful here) Matthew Williamson tee (€4,90).

This stylish faux-croc laptop case (€19,95).

Amazing Prussian blue or navy trench coat (€79,50).

Crimson trousers for that added kick (€19,95).
Anthracite double-breasted jacket (€59,50).
Oh, and if your ladyfriend hasn't heard the news yet: come fall, Jimmy Choo is designing a limited edition shoe collection for H&M. If she drags you with her, for your strong arms to push other rabid women down and pulling out weaves, brace yourself. Don't say I didn't warn you.


RetroVintageModStyle said...

I want all this in my fall wardrobe too!

Daphne said...

Oh yeah! crimson pants! you'll look amazing in those

Charleston said...

I sware I'm cursed to never find such funky and crisp clothes at H&M as the ones you listed. When I go there I only ever come across generic t shirts and lazy prints. But the pea coats you posted are so polished and swarv, that I'll be adding them to my winter wardrobe at once. As always good sir, I enjoy your detailed look into guy's style. Keep it up. Charleston

The Calvin Show said...

Your titles DO get better every time!! :-) PS: that trench is pretty wicked. I'm currently on the hunt for one. I've got a bunch up on my cork board that I fancy. Haha

Lilee said...

hello, gossip guy :) nice blog, i like your header and those red jeans!