August 24, 2009

What The Tweet?

Hello my lovely reader(s)!
If you like what I write, and have absolutely nothing else to do then why not follow me on Twitter? Here's the link:
I love Twitter because you can connect with celebs in real-time, and when you're very lucky they might tweet you back! I'm not close to being a celeb, so I'll get all giddy when I get another follower and will tweet you back instantaneously!
There are some very stylish people (Karl Lagerfeld, Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist et al) and magazines (NYLON etc.) present on Twitter, so you can get your instant fashion fix when I haven't updated yet!
I'd say: click that follow button and never mind the bollocks I tweet sometimes!

Until we tweet again! (Okay, that was the last time I type 'tweet').
Random amazing Louis Vuitton carry-all, thrown in for good measure.
Tweet! (I'm going to stop now, honestly)

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