April 01, 2010

Celebrate! Fornicate! Congratulate!

Today, I'm proud to announce the 1st anniversary of Style For Guys!
It's been a lovely year writing up all kinds of fashionable musings and I'm so pleased with the real-life results and I'm very grateful for the opportunities this blog has brought forth. 
Never have I thought people would read it, let alone interview me about it or feature me in a magazine and even let me write for one.
So for all of this: thank you! I couldn't ask for better fans.
Now enough emotional recitation for a little while and what better way to celebrate this anniversary than with a new lay-out and a fabulous Style For Guys' Incredibly Fetching Spring Special! 'SFGIFSS', they shall call it in the books of fashion history!
I bring thee the most dashing pieces of early spring clothing, for you to be inspired by or shine in!
Y'all ready?

Matthew Williamson
Mr. Williamson's men's SS10 collection is, as per usual, incredibly vibrant and filled to the brim with awesome colours. If you're not afraid to stand out in a crowd, and why should you be, these clothes are what you're looking for. A bit pricey (with pieces ranging from around £100 to £500), but consider them an investment.

Band Of Outsiders
Very young, classy yet modern. Hip³. That about says it. I Die.

These collections are refreshing, wearable and absolutely Style For Guys approved. I don't have many words today, just this: you guys are the best, I love you and always be stylish!