April 08, 2010

Withdrawal Symptoms

When I say 'Scandinavian Design', you probably think of various items, all of which must be Swedish.
But the Swedes, however talented they may be, do not have a monopoly on high-quality design.
When I say Danish design, you might think of ingeniously constructed pastries,
but did you know Bang & Olufsen products or the famous Arne Jacobsen 'Egg' chairs are also Danish?
As is one of my favourite brands of this season, Junk De Luxe.
The clothes just ooze a certain cool; like you want to stay up all night, party and have your Saturday morning walk of shame in them.
And that, I like.
The campaign too has caught my eye, I have a sudden urge to jump on my bike on a hot summer's day and just see where the wind takes me.
And that, I like.
See for yourself!

1 comment:

Charleston said...

a great post that evokes so much playful summer spirit. i think you've summed up the love of junk perfectly. they're like burberry for a bohemian beach environment!