April 22, 2011

Immi & The German Kids: The C&A fashion show!

"Deciding what to wear to a fashion show is one of life's hardest tasks, young sensei", Confucius once famously did not say. He couldn't have been more right! I was invited to the C&A A/W 11 show in Düsseldorf, Germany this Wednesday: time for my report!

Wednesday, 2011-04-20
04:45 am
 "Wake up, b****, U've got a Fash Show", my phone so kindly informed me at the crack of dawn. As excited as I was, I didn't need much coaxing to get up out of bed! The evening before was spent frantically deciding what to wear and asking Twitter for advice, but I finally laid out an outfit for me to wear. A lot of public transport, weird outfit stares from early revelers ("What? These violet short shorts? I'm going to a fashion show, y'all!") and an eventful ride ("Wait, I think we're going in circles, doesn't this power plant look familiar?") with my girl, Patricia, later: I was at C&A HQ to get on the VIP bus to Düsseldorf! You know how sometimes you wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy? Well this bus totally defined that feeling! 
Shoez! Patricia (Chie Mihara), Tiany and me (Vans)!
Annebeth is feeling it! 
Like any fab fashionista: shoe change! Tiany's amazing Zanotti's and Elspeth's fab Robert Clergerie's

The Saga continues... after the jump!

12 o'clock
After a fun bus trip we arrived in Düsseldorf for the show! This being my first real fashion show, I didn't know where to look first. And to my big surprise us bloggers (Kim, Patricia, Annebeth and I) were sat on the front row! The music started thumping and the show soon started! My laptop was being a grotsky little biotch, so Matthias from C&A Belgium saved me with his iPhone so I could livetweet the show (thank you, you're a doll)! 
For those wondering what I wore (and what my laptop background is): 
The holy Zac Efron was present
 Motivational fortune cookie telling me to work harder. Not such a fun cookie as I'd hoped.
Bloggin' away! 
 Kim and Annebeth are excited too!
 So spontaneous!
Tiany and Elspeth, I love these ladies!
Lien and Heinz 
 Miss Patricia!

The Main Event!
 Très Jean Harlow
 This evening dress was a total show-stopper
So as you can see: they kept menswear for next winter classy and quite basic, which makes for great wardrobe staples that you can combine endlessly!
After lunch we got to see the pieces up close
And swiftly after that we hopped back on the bus and laughed all the way home.
Of course I had to be a Wooh-girl  and do this: 
We got home safely, overheated and exhausted but definitely satisfied!

Big thanks to C&A Belgium and Belmodo.TV for putting the wheels in motion! 
Photo credit: The Styling Dutchman, Belmodo.tv, Matthias Heinrichs and my own pictures.

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