April 17, 2011

Superior Interior (¡Dos!)

It's been a while, mis chicos, since I've done an interior post! As I've mentioned before, what good is having all these droolworthy outfits if you're just going to end up strewing them over some grubby frat dorm floor covered in questionable sticky spots! Even if your space is muy pequeño (I don't know what's up with the Spanish either; just roll with it, I guess), you can make magic happen with a little scented candle here, a lick of cream paint and a spread of fresh VMans and Vogue Hommes there. You'll dig these digs, cholo
Feel free to stop me at any time now, señor!

I obviously have a thing for white! 
Sources: Decor8, Apartment Therapy, The Glamourai, The Selby, The Coveteur, Desire To Inspire.
Gracias for the tips Dorothy, Katrin, Pierre, Kirsten, Patricia, Jeroen, Gilles and Daphne!

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