March 06, 2012


So, which lucky person gets to walk away with the fabulous Marni x H&M outfit? First and foremost: thanks so much to everyone who entered. It was a really hard decision; I loved the drawings, pictures, original reasons and even the amazing matching playlist I was sent (and believe you me, I love a good playlist). But there was one entry that just made me smile and I had a gut feeling that this was the one. The winner is...
Samuel W. (15) from Brussels! He answered all the questions correctly, made the prettiest painting and wrote the most heartfelt and humorous reason why he should win. You should really take the time to read what he wrote, it really touched me. So congrats, Samuel, the clothes are on their way to you. And thank you again to everyone who entered. Don't forget to swing by H&M this Thursday! 

Samuel's entry:
I should probably tell you the answers to those extremely nerve-wrecking and impossible questions (*cough* sarcasm *cough*):
Consuelo Castiglioni is currently the head designer for Marni. 
H&M was established in 1947. The guy in the photograph is Ed Westwick; in Gossip Girl he’s called Chuck Bass.
Now you’re getting into the good part of the email—the part where I tell you why this Marni x H&M collection is so absolutely strikingly glamorously eye-catchingly fabulous (phew)! Well, I thought to myself: “How could I create the most creative submission to render Immi in such a state of awe that he he’d just have to send me the clothes?” So I started off by writing a poem.
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I need these clothes.
“Scratch that” I said. “Way too provocative and demanding.” And so I tried again.
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Marni is cool.
I love you.
“Ugh, too needy! I sound like some horrible gooey attention-seeking boyfriend. Maybe a joke will work?”
Knock knock.
Who’s there?
It’s me, Immi, you won the giveaway! Here are the clothes!
Oh my goodness, thanks!
“Wow. Now that’s just plain pathetic.” I said to myself. “Perhaps something with a bit more sensibilit√© and elegance will do it.”
As I dreamt of fire and anguish
I saw a vision—a vision of pure grandeur: Marni x H&M clothes.
The infinite presence of splendor of these fabrics
drove me into a state of nirvana.
As I slipped into the soft enveloping covers of pleasure,
I cried tears of gratitude and joy.
“Umm… That is just simply too creative and bizarre.” So I turned to my final plan. A drawing.
And that’s exactly what I did! So here is my drawing of one of my
favorite looks (from the Marni x H&M collection) just for you! Oh, and sorry for those extremely punny jokes of mine. I thought I’d just try bring a smile to your face! I can imagine reading through piles of submissions must get slightly boring. 
Well, I hope you’ll select me because I am simply in love with these H&M/Marni hybrid clothes; I have been looking at the website nearly everyday to gaze in awe at the beautiful clothes (and the wonderful ad directed by Sofia Copolla of course). I’m not sure if I’ll even be able to make it to one of the stores on the 8th of March, so I’d be immensely grateful if you chose me. And not to mention those sizes fit me (and I live in Belgium of course)! I can just imagine walking down the street and feeling so fantastic—with people glancing at me wondering who that well-dressed guy is. However, the main reason I’d like to wear these clothes is to stand out from all the other guys I know who dress quite averagely. My dream would even to inspire them dress nicer and renew their wardrobe.
Thanks for this wonderful opportunity,

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