March 30, 2012


Bloggers have no shame! No shaaaameee! In most cultures, it is considered to be #totesrude to ask someone what's inside their bag. Luckily for you, internet culture knows not of manners! So for the second time, I turned my dearest new Marni x H&M leather panel tote upside down and shook out all my sh*t on the floor. As one does. Take a look! Feeling reciprocative? Show me what's in yours!
So, what was all of that?
- Gorgeous tote: courtesy of H&M, merci beacoup!
- Book: I'm savouring the last pages of this book, David Sedaris is my hero!
- Moleskine notebook: it's still in there, never go anywhere without it!
- Lacoste wallet: for containing the moneys, bien sûr. I got this for my 17th birthday from my awesome friends. Still have it! Quality lasts.
- Kiehl's Facial Fuel: for weathering the Belgian climate, one must moisturise. MOISTURISE!
- My fash mags: for time-killing, my favourite kind of murder.
- Phone and iPod: one for connecting to the world, one for disconnecting.
- Keys: Wherever I go, doors open.
- Emergency Essentiel silk bow tie: I got this for Valentine's day, isn't it beautiful? I always carry around a bow tie, in case I stick around too long and afternoon turns into evening. And evening means eveningwear!
- La Nuit de l'Homme by YSL sample: smells bangin'! Again: for when l'après-midi turns into la nuit!

All images by me. 

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