March 15, 2012


It's time for the second instalment of the Feiyue competition! Get ready to win a pair of amazing SS12 Feiyue kicks like this:
You can win any of these styles! But first you need to check out this video and answer the following puzzle:
"Back in the 80s, AndrĂ© Christopher Ardiaca, a huge rock fan and filmmaker, decided to follow rock hit band Black Death for a year.  Willing to produce a tribute to the most important band of his generation, he finally ended being a privileged witness of the incredible tragedy the group was part of.
Paul Anton, the band’s famous drummer was the first one to go, dying suddenly during a concert at Earls Court. That was just the beginning of Black Death’s slope with the rest of the group members leaving this world one by one. Criminal inquiries lead to no conclusion and only Dude, the lead singer, seemed to be able to escape the tragic course.
Until the full documentary is revealed we invite you to check the “Black Death” teaser. Let your imagination go and let us know what could be the reasons for the rest of the band members to die. By entering the competition, you will have the chance to win a pair of Feiyue!"
So, how did the rest of the band members die? You don't need to guess all the deaths, only one correct answer could win you the shoes! If more than one entry gets the right answer, the winner will be chosen by a random number generator. 
Drop me a line at with your answer. The competition runs till the 27th of March, 12 PM! (you must live in Belgium to win). Good luck!

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