October 05, 2009

I'm so excited I can't even think of a good title

One of my biggest wishes has been fulfilled: my first interview!
The awesome Calvin from The Calvin Show was kind and, oddly, interested enough to ask me a few questions and then made the best article out of it.
My dear reader(s), you must go check it out here!
I had an amazing time answering the questions and I'm really glad about the outcome.
Thank you, Calvin!
And thank you to everyone who reads this blog. I quote every single Oscars acceptance speech ever: "I couldn't have done it without your support".
[Cue single tear that rolls down face for dramatic effect.]


RetroVintageModStyle said...

Congratulations Mr.!!!

The Calvin Show said...

"Calvin was kind and, oddly, interested enough..."

Yes, I am a bit odd if you could not tell! Haha. Thanks again for being such a great sport and big thanks for including a lil' link to my blog from yours. : )

Homme Times said...

Congrats! It's so funny that you study law, because you seem so into fashion and those seem like polar opposites. Great feature though! You deserve it.