October 23, 2009

Style Soldiers

Men's clothing has always been tremendously influenced by the military and its uniforms. The unabashed ruggedness and sex-appeal of an army uniform has not gone unnoticed by fashion designers, so it should come as no surprise that the military look is hot and happening again this season. Bundle up in style with warm yet elegant coats, sturdy boots and accesorize with canvas and distressed leather for the final touches.
The colour scheme varies from khaki, brown and navy to even a flash of scarlet, reminiscent of the British redcoats.
Be subtle with a few extra buckles and buttons or make a bold statement with rough boots or vintage military medal pins that you got from your grandfather or found on eBay.
Don't overdo it: you're not supposed to look like an actual soldier or you might as well just put on a real uniform or join the army.

Here are some outfits and pieces I love for this autumn.
Dior Homme toggle coat
Dolce and Gabbana
John Varvatos for Converse sneaker boots
Ann Demeulemeester riding boots


Suusje Q. said...

Leuk! Als ik een man was, was ik heel blij dat er eindelijk wat meer mannenmode-sites komen!!

X Suusje Q.

NoƩmie K said...

great post !
love your selection*°*°*°