October 01, 2009

La Belgique C'est Chique

You guys didn't think I was going to stop after Dries Van Noten and Raf Simons? Belgium has so many more fantastic designers: some are world-renown, some are hidden treasures waiting to be brought to light.
Today I acquaint you with the magnificent Ann Demeulemeester. An intriguing and eccentric woman whose gothic and intricate designs are coveted worldwide, Ann has truly made her mark on the fashion industry today.
When you're BFF's with Patti Smith (which Ann is), how can you not design cool clothes?
I picked my five favourites out of her Autumn/Winter '09 collection, full of amazing boots and equestrian coats with a strong Victorian touch and a lot of sublime layering.
The folks at the manège won't know what hit them when you gallop by, clad in Demeulemeester.


Noémie K said...

nice post ! (and really interesting)

Charleston said...

these clothes are incredible. like eery hunting gear! keep up the great posts!