December 27, 2009

Fashion Alfabet

Forget 'a, b, c': my alfabet starts with A.P.C.
This French minimalist brand, that actually stands for 'Atelier de Production et de Création', is doing my head in.
I adore their winter collection and normally I'd just post these shots on my Facebook fanpage album 'I Die', but I think they deserve a special spot on the blog. I love the clean lines and these outfits just say: Parisian guy strolling down les rues with a roll-up in one hand and Proust novel in the other, non?
And most importantly: je meurs for those boots (€310 217)!



La Société de Mode said...

Those shoes are absolutely magnificent! I need to find a pair cheap haha it's a shame I just left paris I could've gotten some serious thrifting in! All four of the looks below are super nice too especially the two in the top left and bottom right corners. I think I might go into town today and search for some if not all articles of clothing that look something a little like the photos!

Bonne Année de France!

Alec, Rebecca, Maddie, and Madeline!

Ghostboy said...

Thank you for your kind comment!

Charleston said...

I've been on a constantly failed campaign to win some APC items on ebay! Time to switch my attention to 'aquascutum' now I think...!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Ghostboy,

I've reached your excellent blog via

As I am not a member (and perhaps never will be because of the very stringent admission procedure) of I wanted to react on your message in the aforementioned forum: I totally agree with you and to illustrate this, you can see some pics of my wearing riding style boots at

I'm not into fashion but I try to demolish (ahum) the ridiculous taboo that exists about men wearing boots outside the context of horse riding. But I want to go easy on people, not shock them but show them that it's perfectly "doable" and even fashionable (cfr. the cat walks) for a man to wear long boots without being extravagant. I must admit, it took some courage for me to start doing this.

By the way, it's a very small world: I live near Ghent (Destelbergen)...

Thanks for publishing your view on men's fashion. Very enlighting...