December 23, 2009

Surface To Air

I like Surface To Air.
I like the name.
I like the concept.
I like the clothes.
I don't really get the name though.
Like, if you're on the surface aren't you already in air?
Shouldn't it be: Underwater To Surface?
That sounds cretinous.
I think too much/little.

Anyway, Surface To Air (S2A) is 'a unique group operating in contemporary fashion, communication and film', so they don't only concentrate on clothing but this blog happens to be about those little scraps of fabric so I'll just focus on that now.
I like S2A even more because a while ago they announced that they've designed a men's collection in collaboration with, as you may know, one of my favourite bands in the world: Kings of Leon. The S2A x KOL collection will be sold as from January 2010 and even though some images were leaked, S2A denies it were official pieces so I won't post them and just leave thee with this teaser.
I guess there will be a hat featured in the collection.

And these are some pieces from the winter collection that I fancy:

Coat ($400)
Bag ($375)
T-shirt ($50)

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