December 30, 2009


Wow. Check out my absurd(ly creative) title.
Aside from my linguistic endeavours, I am inspired by the recent destruction of my own glasses. Dark brown Burberry Prorsums that I shall never forget as they lay - snapped in two - on the piled carcasses of older specs.
My life has been a compilation of eyewear: I've gone from round to oval to square to rectangular and now it's time to move on.

These are the ones I am eyeing (get it? eyeing? I know, my puns rule!) at the moment:

Dior Homme black tie ($169)


Prada ($168)

But we all know that you can't pick glasses unless you try them on in real life, so consider this post purely cathartic and for fashion's sake.



Max said...

I love the Persol specs! Are they red or more maroon-ish?

Ghostboy said...

They are lovely, I think they're more of a deep maroon than red.
Thanks for the comment!

STEFANIE said...

I've seen those Persols before, they really are lovely. I like that you didn't pick any of those weird shaped/flashy/metallic glasses you see on people these days. Seriously, it has to stop!

Ghostboy said...

I know what you mean, and you're so right, Stefanie :)
Thank you for commenting!