December 16, 2009


I am pissed off about many a subject: global warming, the Ghaza conflict, cancer and the fact that us Belgians don't have a TOPMAN store.
TOPSHOP is well-known in the world, and when they opened up in New York there was a well-documented frenzy.
This is my plea to TOPMAN execs to open up a store in Belgium!
Us Belgians love us some affordable design, look at the immense success of H&M and Zara. Going to the TOPMAN website is like torture: all this gorgeous, hip and pretty cheap clothing just lying there, waiting to be purchased by yours truly. I love almost everything they have - and they have got plenty - but I'm mostly in love with their cardigans and jackets.
So, being a fashion flagellant, I shall now post my favourite jackets and cardi's for fall.

Multicoloured cardigan ($90)

Navy cardigan with multicoloured buttons ($50)

Grey cardigan ($80)

Navy peacout with brass buttons ($158)

Leather short trench ($320)
Grey blazer with black lining ($120)


Charleston said...

I feel bad your not able to taste the Topman trend from your high streets! Dont fret though, as I find that the smaller chains dont really stock much of eclectic or stylish value; it tends to be the larger London stores that have the sought after items! So I usually buy from their website or on ebay!

Thanks again for your comments my stylish friend. Hope your well. charleston

Lee said...

Topman is great and I buy a lot of clothing from there, the only problem is in the UK (the birthplace of Topman and Topshop) you can walk down Glasgow highstreet and see quite a few people with items of clothing you own or are even wearing at the time (god forbid). Love the blog though. Hope you get Topman soon, it's brilliant for those essential wardrobe staples! ;D