May 18, 2010

A Day To Remember

A grim and pluvious Monday morning, May 17th 2010.
A lonely boy cycling in the morning rain, the outfit he so carefully selected the day before is already completely soaked. This pisses him off. He has a goal, though, a very exhilarating one. He has somewhere to go, far away in an unknown part of the country where mines still exist and people speak considerably slower. Destination: Maasmechelen Village Chic Outlet, Limburg, Flanders, Belgium. Who or what whould the boy be so eager to get to?

This is who!
Scott Schuman, a photography and blogging legend, aka 'The Sartorialist'. His unique street style photographs have launched him into international fame, and every sensible fashion-lover's biggest dream is to be spotted by him and be immortalized on his blog.
When I was invited to meet him for a blogger's round table, thanks to the lovely Marie at Oona, I jumped up in my seat with glee. It's not every day that Mr. Schuman visits my pint-sized country and I was just over the moon with the prospect of meeting him. It was also delightful to meet my partners in fashion crime, all incredibly stylish and impeccable ladies and gents.
                             Scott, Michael Black (moderator), me, Krizia, Tiffany and Otto

We were all able to ask the man himself a few questions about style and his life which he would very amicably and extensively answer, and this is the question I asked him:
"Do you believe great style is attained through nature or nurture?"
I believe both. People with great style tend to be very artistic people, who want to have style. You can see it in other parts of their life too; great interior designs, a natural ease at combining colours and patterns. Look at Cary Grant! Or Anna Dello Russo (Vogue Nippon fashion director, Ed.). These people use fashion to communicate. People like Anna [Dello Russo] have great discipline, and that's what it's all about. Getting up and working out to stay in shape. Anna is beautiful, but not in a conventional way. She has immense control over herself. It's all about controlling your image at every time and being consistent in your vision. It's also very important to never make excuses, I hate that. Don't say: "Oh, if I had a lot of money I could look good too.". That's not what it's about.
Meeting him was the pinnacle of an already amazing year of blogging, I remember looking at his blog with my sisters and friends, but I'd never thought I'd get the chance at meeting him. I also had his eponymous book signed, a perfect memento of an awesome day.
Check out some more pics of the event below!
                                                               Krizia, Otto and Emma
                                                                Andy and Ilanka
                                                       Ilanka, Scott and Michael Black (moderator).
                               Yours truly and the inimitable Scott Schuman.


Krizia said...

Het is niet Tiffany, het is Krizia. :D
Haha, is niet erg hoor, dit gebeurd wel vaker dat mensen ons verwarren.

Ik wou even zeggen:

It was a pleasure to meet you!

x Krizia

Ghostboy said...

Sorry! Ik zet het meteen recht! Pleasure to meet you too! xx

Charleston said...

one of the best blog posts ive read in a while. im so inspired by the beginning tale behind the man with the iconic lens. he might not MAKE clothes, but he captures the style and organic trends in life which in my opinion influences modern day designers! x

jeune_premier said...

lucky you!!!i have his book and i follow his blog...he shown different people but always such stylish...!hope he comes to Greece too...

Juanduh. said...

this is just amazing.
i love your blog

Couture said...

Leuke blog heb je! Heel goed geschreven ook! Ik ben naar de gewone signeersessie geweest, echt superaardige man, maar zo klein ;-)
We zijn elkaar vandaag trouwens twee keer gekruist in de Veldstraat (Gent) denk ik, kan dat?


Anonymous said...

Ubetterwerq!!!!!!! I love how much taller you are compared to him.

Anabel Maldonado said...

Amazing. Thanks for the coverage! I loved his answer to your question. I do hope to find out when he comes to London beforehand.