May 04, 2010

Early Registration

As a blogger, it's imperative you maintain good contacts with your fellow colleagues, because you never know what amesome insider info they have for you and vice versa.
My fabulous Ozzie friend, Genesis aka the amazing Dandy Sachs, gave me a brand to check out and I'm absolutely smitten with it.
It's an Australian brand called Saint Augustine Academy, designed by Alvin Manalo. Their AW 2010 collection, inspired by the Nick Cave novel 'And The Ass Saw The Angel' has a very distinct feel about it, quite dark and austere but with a dandy neo-Victorian grunge twist. 
Are you ready to enroll? 


Anonymous said...

LOVE SAA! They are showing in a day!

Charleston said...

Like a mix of H&M retail style with Victorian vintage tones. Always introducing new tones my dear friend!

Krizia said...

I'll have the model... :D
Trouwens, leuk om je te ontmoeten vandaag!

x Krizia