May 30, 2010

Tales of a Post-Modern Summer. Part TWO

For the second part in my annual Summer Special, I'm taking you to explore the nautical lifestyle. Despite the complete lack of land, summering on a boat or yacht requires a very specific dress code. Aquatic fashion at its finest, I present thee!

Act II of V
"Mode Maritime" 
A soft ripple spreads on the sapphire surface, growing larger and larger to eventually fade away. A creamy white yacht cuts through the deep, saline sea. Standing on the deck, you shield your eyes from the blinding sun and turn around to smile at your friends, each of them clutching a frosty cocktail. Leaving all troubles behind on the shore, you know it's going to be smooth sailings as long as you just surrender to summer.

Sweater: Prada
T-shirt: Rag & Bone
Shorts: We Are Tuk Tuk
Sandals: Ralph Lauren
Belt: ASOS
Tote: Kitsuné
Ruffled visor: Lanvin
Vintage Sunglasses: Christian Dior (at Matches)


STEFANIE said...

YES PLEASE! :) Leuk leuk Immi, love it! Mag ik nu een frosty cocktail pretty please? ;)

fabbi said...

yesss! tis toch dienen t-shirt geworden :)
nice work!

jeune_premier said...

nautical style is my favorite for and classic...
love this post!

Charleston said...

hello my dear online friend! i must admit, despite not being a fond fan of feet, even I desperately crave some roman style sandals! it'll be my military tone for all the beach tones and nauticals im wearing at the moment with shorts that look like hotpants haha! hope your well mister

Maaike (Honestbeauty) said...

Net ontdekt ^^ Je staat met je foto op de site van Belmodo

Maaike (Honestbeauty) said...

Petra said...

I ♥ stripes and the whole nautical look! Now all I need is the sun and a boat ;)

Petra x
♥sprinkles on a cupcake♥

KC said...

i'm wearing striped today.. just saying.. anyway, i really love the nautical look but somehow, i still need to practice it.