May 07, 2010

New New New!

Everybody knows I love me some reasonably-priced fashion, because looking good should be everyone's prerogative and not just for the rich and famous, right? So when I was invited to the New Look Tea Party this week, I was very excited to see what the Brits had in mind for us. I, for one, didn't know that they had a menswear collection until very recently so I was even more curious to see what they are all about.
I had the best time, met some other Belgian colleague bloggers who are all very stylish and wonderful ladies and I'm very pleased to announce I have for you the official Autumn/Winter 2010 collection images.
Check out the New Look Blog for the report here.
I'm really beguiled by the wonderfully bold mix of patterns, chanelling some Native American and Aztec vibes but without making it look costumey. I'm digging the retro-grunge lumberjack mood too, and even the all-American jock jack is back. 
But I can sit here and talk all I want, I bet you guys would appreciate some visual stimuli as well?
Ch-ch-check it out ( lame pseudo-rap: oh, yes I di-id)! 
Big thanks to KNOTORYUS for the invitation, you know I love you guys!


STEFANIE said...

Ziet er leuk uit! Echt jammer dat ik er niet bij kon zijn... Maar mijn examen was ook plezant. Hum. :p Ik heb u nieuw jasje trouwens ook gezien via twitter of facebook ofzo, goeie keuze! :)

Charleston said...

always introducing cutting edge looks!

corve said...

I loved the website

Birgitte said...

Super leuke blog!
Echt super leuk dat een jongen een blog start!!

Xoxo Birgitte

ronel said...

super like this..thanks

Sjaar said...