May 24, 2011

Amen † Fashion

Sitting here, totez depressed due to the exam period and the different kinds of deprivation that entails, I don't feel like thinking up any prose. So I collected a bunch of nifty get-ups and poured them in a post!  I can not get enough of the subtle vibrancy and sumptuousness of these colourful (yet pastel-y) clothes. Just a simple, old-fashioned eff-load of pretty to cheer me up. The divine power of F@$hüN
Dive in!
Btw,can I study with a margarita, pliz? 
Wow, I just totally wrote down all my thoughts with no coherency whatsoever. 

Sunny cardigan: Ralph Lauren
Denim shirt: Levi's
Panelled tee: Marni
Sky blu wallet: Comme Des Garçons
Faded mint polo: Ralph Lauren
Royal Blue chinos: Acne
Rusty pink trousers: Aubin & Wills
Blue denim 'n' suède loafers: bStore
Stripey socks: Corgi
Peach shorts: J. Crew
Panelled cardi: Jil Sander
Stripey old-timey polo-y: Marc by (do I even need to finish that?)
Hot pink sweater: John Smedley 
Stripey oxford: Rag & Bone
Chic suitcase: Valextra
Jade trousers: Jil Sander

(All images via Mr. Porter)
Painting by David Hockney ('The Pool')

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