May 26, 2011

Study In Style

Who says you have to look like a lad of the evening who occasionally enjoys all the merits of smack when you're cramming for finals? Sure, it's easy to slouch around in cornflake-stained, Tippex-bedazzled boxers. But I promise you'll be able to concentrate better when you style yourself a little! This outfit, exempli gratia, will add a little jolt of energy to your study routine without losing any of that highly coveted comfort. No more feeling like you should be queueing at a needle exchange instead of memorizing all the members of the Plantagenet dynasty!
Bonne chance!

Yellow hoodie: Band of Outsiders
Cloud-print tee: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Jersey trousers: Acne
Navajo slip-ons: H by Hudson

Photo from Gant Rugger campaign    

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