May 01, 2011

The Hots For Cold Method

This week I pranced all the way to Antwerp to discover the new Cold Method A/W11 collection. Cold Method is a young brand from the Netherlands that focuses solely on menswear. I was excited to meet the brand's head designer, Dieter De Cock, who was born and raised in my own small community! I managed to get lost - again - but made it just in time. Immediately I fell in love with what I saw: menswear basics but with a young and quirky twist. The collection contains quite a muted colour palette but with pops of midnight blue and red, as the designer told me he was inspired by the Doctor Zhivago story and winter night landscapes. It's all in the details: contrast stitching and drawings in the lining, asymmetrical pocket placement and drop crotch tuxedo trousers. I had a lovely time chatting with monsieur De Cock, who is a big inspiration to me: we both come from the same little town and after working for Viktor&Rolf and Stephan Schneider he is now head designer of this great label. It's possible to go far, even if you're from a fly speck on the map and that's a very reassuring thought!
The designer and a tux shirt + vest
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 I love the mixed up argyle and royal blue
 Colourblock cardigan, I die!
 CM always have the basics in stock
 Army inspired
Catwalk images (styled by Sonny Groo)

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