May 22, 2011

The Boat

Sunday May 22nd, 7 a.m.
My pace slows down as I approach the lakefront. The dawn runs a chilly yet not unpleasant quiver down my spine. My mouth sags incredulously as I face the water.
"I didn't think you were for real!"
"Well, I did text you: 'Get dressed, loser, we're going rowing on the lake'."
"Yes, that is pretty straight forward."
"Are you getting in or what?"
"Are you planning on strangling me with a piece of your sister's weave and dumping me in the middle of the lake?"
"Yeah, sure, babe. That's what the picnic basket and champagne is for."
I grin slyly as I clamber clumsily onto the little vessel. 
"Oh, have pity on this feeble wench, Cap'n! I shall scrub your deck for a mere thruppence! I've got the scurvy you see, kind sir!" I exclaim enthusiastically.
"Very sexy."

So what to wear when you've planned a romantic boat trip? Hoist that flag and max out that card!

shorts: H&M
Dégradé jumper: Prada 
Suède chukka boots: Quoddy
Belt: Fred Perry
Captain's hat: ASOS
Tote with trunks and towel: Orlebar Brown
Sunglasses: Balenciaga

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