April 30, 2009

Celebration of a collaboration

As some of you may know, H&M's new fashion collaboration is with English designer Matthew Williamson. Williamson is well-known for his work for Pucci, where his love for colour was a prominent feature.
Now his men's line for H&M is about to hit the stores, around the 14th of May, and it's looking good. Expect a whole lot of vibrant colours, psychedelic patterns, summery florals and pinstripes and a dash of rock'n'roll (how cool is that studded leather vest?).
Be sure to be quick to pick up the pieces you like though, men may be less frantic when it comes to scoring H&M limited editions than women but the good stuff flies off the racks faster than you think.
Check out the previews:

The model for the campaign is Williamson himself, how recession-savvy!

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