April 03, 2009

Shady Business

When the ardent sun shines, all the clothes come off, the drop-tops drop their tops, the legs flash and...out come the sunglasses!
Designer sunglasses are not a new phenomenon, but there are some basic rules that are to be followed when shopping for men's eyewear.

Rule #1: Avoid flashy designer logos: nothing screams "garish, devoid of style nouveau riche douche" like D&G or GUCCI in ginormous gold or diamond lettering. Keep the colours subtle too, unless your wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

Rule #2: Invest in quality sunglasses, cheap H&M ones can be great fun but the more expensive ones last longer and are more protective against UV-rays and direct sunlight.

Rule #3: When shopping for shades, stick to the more classic styles as aviators or rectangular frames as these shades don't easily go out of style and can last you for more than one season.
Listed below are three of the coolest shades available for men at the moment. With one of these on your nose, you'll be the slickest guy in town. And that's a promise.

These Yves Saint Laurent rectangular frame sunglasses in tortoise brown ($285) are masculine, sexy and great for dodging the flocks of papparazzi!

These Tom Ford aviator sunglasses (p.n.d.) are the cool way to fly.

Dior Homme
does it again with these streamlined bad-ass shades made out of black acetate ($235).

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