April 01, 2009

The Copycat

The Copycat is the part of my blog where I will regularly post pictures of outfits or accesories every guy should own or should look for when shopping.
You can use The Copycat as an influence or as a direct guideline, whatever you feel is best!

Today's style icon is Penn Badgley, you might have seen him acting in the CW series 'Gossip Girl'.
Tip: try to watch Gossip Girl every now and then, the men (and women of course) are mostly impeccably dressed.

In the first picture, Penn is wearing an electric blue cardigan combined with a plaid shirt and tie. Combine this with some straight-leg jeans with rolled-up ends and dark brown leather dress shoes (make sure you either skip wearing socks alltogether or wear low-rise socks).
Make sure the cardigan an jeans are properly fitted to your body, bulky cardigans are a no-go in most cases.
This particular outfit can be purchased at Ralph Lauren, but if your budget is slightly limited (economic crisis, anyone?) try shops as H&M and Zara were you can just as easily recreate this look without having to rob any banks.
In the second picture, Penn is wearing a waisted navy blazer combined with a grey low V-neck t-shirt and straight-leg jeans paired with dark brown loafers.
(Blazer by Calvin Klein Collection. Jeans by Dior Homme. T-shirt (double layer) by Dolce & Gabbana. Loafers by Gucci. Watch strap, Smart Turnout. Vintage watch by Rolex from Aaron Faber Gallery)

I'd say: time to get shopping!

(images: www.men.style.com/gqfeatures)

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